Saniyo Flat Plate $25.00
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Hat-trick set of 4 round nested condiment set

Material: Ceramic
Bowl Size: Diameter 229mm x 66mm
Lid Size: 235 x 45mm
Medium bowl: 161 x 42mm
Small bowl: 99 x 31mm

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In Saniyo’s series of party ware, they borrow the concepts of astronomical objects and phenomena and hope this would bring a little inspiration to everyone’s lives. It is also a sweet reminder for everyone to cherish the time we spend together with our friends and family. As in this immense universe with infinite space, at least are sharing a good time with our beloved ones.

Perfect for a dinner function or a gathering at someone’s house, the Hat-trick set comes with 3 oval nested condiment sets ready to plate nuts, lollies or any small nibbles. Convenient to transport anywhere for any function!

Find out more about them on their official website:

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Dark Grey, Pink


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