It’s Tiffany’s Breakfast Time


It’s Tiffany’s Breakfast Time is the perfect gift for tea-lovers, making their daily tea routine effortless. This premium tea tin and smart thermal bottle set is a must-have to keep your indulgence hot or cold for hours even when you’re out and about.

What’s in this set?

1 x Or Tea? Smart Tea Bottle – Tiffany’s Breakfast

1 x Or Tea? Tin (Loose tea leaves)


Or Tea?™ is a premium specialty tea brand whose strong Chinese heritage reflects that millennia-old tradition. In recreating this legendary drink as an art form, Or Tea?™ warmly welcomes a new generation of tea drinkers to enrich their lives with this ancient, yet contemporary brew.

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Honestly- they were breathtaking

I ordered a gift of dried flowers for a good friend, honestly- they were breathtaking. Could not have chosen the whole Box more beautifully and am going to purchase many more as gifts. The customer service was on point as well. Thank you so much!

Katie Johnson


Could not be happier with both the product and the service!

Made this purchase on a whim from interstate and could not be happier with both the product and the service! Thank you for such a beautiful long lasting product.

Kailee Grant


Communication was great!

Ordered dried flowers arrangement in a vase for one of our employees birthday. Communication was great, Sheila was very helpful. Our flower arrangement came out beautifully. Thank you

Go Sydney Shuffle


Dried Flowers Were Amazing!

Sheila was so lovely to talk to and arrange the flowers with. We can’t keep fresh flowers alive for the life of us so finding these beautiful bouquets of dried flowers was amazing! Definitely recommending this to friends.

Sarah Tran


Definitely worth the money!

I was very impressed by the service from Alexandra. I messaged the business on Instagram on a Saturday morning and although they don’t usually open Saturday, she made the time to come met me in the afternoon. I purchased a bouquet of dried flowers for a friend birthday and told her my vision which was executed beautifully! Definitely worth the money!

Elizabeth Mansour



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